Chris Mitchell

Inspriaitonal & Motivational author, writer, blogger, speaker and podcaster!


I’ll admit it – I am 100% pure ham!  I love being the center of attention, in the spotlight, speaking to groups and delivering a message that empowers them to succeed= despite any advertises in their lives.

That might be hard to believe if you meet me as an attendee of function.  I am very much an introvert at such events, but get me in front of everyone and I can engage the audience.  I can hold their attention, make them laugh and when they leave they feel that if Chris can accomplish what he has in his life despite every obstacle that was in his path, I can do anything in my own life.

The age of the audience doesn’t’ matter.  I can speak to kids in grade school or those who are older than dirt in a rehabilitation hospital.

  • I know that not everyone is able to see me speak in person, so I plan to live stream some event as well as host webinars.
  • If you are interested in having me speak to your class, school. civic group, church group. support group or anywhere else, please  click here and send me an email
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