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It is never too late to start over

It is never too late to start over Every one of us have made mistakes in life.  The larger the mistake, the more we are down on ourselves and fear that we have ruined our lives.  We should never look at a mistake as permanent damage, instead you should think of every mistake as an […]

Christmas Traditions

As I look back over a lifetime of Christmas mornings, I can easily see that through my life my life, my likes and interests have evolved, my maturity has grown, and my Christmas traditions have changed with the times. My Childhood Christmas’. When I was a child, Christmas morning was different from any other morning […]

3 endings that are beginnings in disguise

Normally when we end a chapter in our lives, we often become sad and sometimes depressed because we look at it as a door closing or that a part of our lives has passed away.  But we are looking at it all wrong.  We need to realize that an ending can be a new beginning […]

There is a perfect reason for our imperfections

None of us arrived here on Earth perfect, without any flaws.  We were all born with imperfections.  Some people were born with very minor imperfections such as a birthmark on their leg, while others may have been born without a leg. Some of us who appear to have minor or no imperfections at birth will […]

2 Bible Verses to lean on during tough times.

During difficult times in my life, there have been two verses from the Bible that has given me strength to endure – regardless of the situation, the size of the challenges I was facing, or the odds that were against me. The biggest challenge in my life was surviving an ischemic stroke to my spinal […]

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