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Mitchell opens up about the struggles of living in a small town with a disability.

In his latest blog post to it Doesn’t Define me, Mitchell talks about his move from Modesto California (a community of nearly 200,000 with a robust transportation system) to Webb City Missouri (A community with a little over 11,000 with only a small paratransit system). In a post entitled, “Housebound…and hating every minute of it.“, […]

Mitchell was recognized and honored for his volunteer work by the Joplin Regional Business Journal

Christopher Mitchell was honored by theJoplin Regional Business Journal at their annual “Salute to Health Care” banquet. Mitchell was honored for overcoming a life changing ischemic stroke to his spinal cord that occurred in a Northern California hospital and using his own life experiences to connect with the loved ones of patients at Freeman Health System’s Intensive […]

Mitchell Interviewed on KSN for receiving MAHA Award

Kheslleen Dimanche from KSN=TV in Joplin interviewed Christopher Mitchell for an on-air news story of what Mitchell does at Freeman Hospital despite his disability that earned him the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries 2015 Volunteer of the year. The news story briefly shared Mitchell’s stroke story and the work he does there every friday that earned him the […]

Mitchell’s first published work appears in Stroke Recovery Stories by Jeff Kagan

Christopher Mitchell‘s first published work appears in Stroke Recovery Stories: Humorous and Inspiring Stories Told By Stroke Survivors and the People Who Love Them by Jeff Kagan. Mitchell wrote and contributed a condensed version of his own stroke survival story to Kagan’s collection. Kagan’s book,Stroke Recovery Stories: Humorous and Inspiring Stories Told By Stroke Survivors and the […]

Mitchell’s success on eBay, despite a stroke, is shared in college textbook

Christopher Mitchell’s story of running an eBay business out of his home after surviving a stroke is the .lead into the ninth chapter (the location plan) of the 14th edition of the textbook, “Small Business Management; Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Venture” by Longnecker, Moore, Petty and Palich features The short story illustrates to the reader […]

Mitchell was interviewed live on WSRadio’s eBay radio program

Live!  From San Jose California Christopher Mitchell shared his inspirational story of surviving a stroke and how he used eBay to build an business of selling and helping others, Mitchell was interviewed by Lee Mirabal live from the floor of the eBay exhibition hall. during the second segment Thursday morning. Mirabal’s interview of Mitchell was streamed live […]

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