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Inspriaitonal & Motivational author, writer, blogger, speaker and podcaster!

About Chris

I’m Christopher Mitchell, a writer, author, blogger, speaker, founder/creator of Power 2b Awesome and coming soon podcaster.   My passion is to use the experiences from my life and the gifts (my talents) that the Lord has blessed me with to inspire and motivate others.

My passion for helping others came to me early in my life.

When I was in second grade, our bus driver Dolly always had a radio playing.  One morning whole I heard the deejay on the radio talking I said to myself “When I grow up I want to work in radio so I can help people smile as they go to work”.

I fell in love with the idea of helping others at church.

When I was a young child, I had trouble behaving in Sunday School class. After several weeks of me distracting the learning process, one of the adults from the church began taking me out of the classroom and walk me around the church.  During those walks, I helped collect attendance cards from all the classrooms – and that is how I fell in love with helping others.

My desire is to inspire others who face advertises in life.

I know what it is like to go through life with adversities that can either limit or at best interfere with your dreams.

I have lived (or am currently living) with being legally blind, a constricted aorta, a speech impediment, ADHD, verbal abuse and the effects of surviving an ischemic stroke to my spinal cord.

I’m a fighter and a survivor

My life verse from the Bible is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” (NIV).  This verse has given me the strength to overcome any adversity that I have faced in my life.

Despite being legally blind I have driven a car and flown a private plane, despite a severe speech impediment, I have fulfilled my childhood dream of working in radio and despite an ischemic stroke to my spinal cord robbing me of the ability to run, walk or even stand today I not only stand but can walk using a rollator.

There are millions of stories like mine out there….

I’m a storyteller.  I want to share stories of people like myself who live with or have overcome adversities to achieve their goals in life.

I have also gained wisdom through all the adversities I have endured.  I share in writing, and speaking the wisdom I, and others like myself, have gained from triumphantly battling adversities.  Often that wisdom can help others achieve their goals and live the life they have always dreamed about.

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