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Mitchell shares his belief that there is a reason for perfection in our lives.

In his latest post entitled “There is a perfect reason for our imperfections” to Power 2B Awesome, Mitchell shares his belief of why each of us were given imperfections by our creator.

In the latest blog post by Mitchell, he explains that some people come into this world with imperfections immediately known, other imperfections may not be noticeable for months of years, and as each of us go through life we will gain an imperfection.

Mitchell then goes onto explain how God has a plan for all thee imperfections and how in his case he found the answer to why do I have these imperfections while encouraging readers to find their own answer to the question “why me?”

  • Read Mitchell’s blog post to Power 2B Awesome entitled “There is a perfect reason for our imperfections” by clicking here.

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